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Updated date Jun 05, 2024
In this article, we will discuss the Hex Decoding in C#. Learn how to convert strings into hexadecimal representations and decode them back.

Converting Strings to Hex Decode in C#:

The below C# program converts it to its hexadecimal representation, and then decodes it back to its original form:

using System;
using System.Text;

class HexDecoder
    static void Main()
        // Input string
        string originalString = "Hello,!";

        // Convert string to hex
        string hexRepresentation = StringToHex(originalString);
        Console.WriteLine($"Original String: {originalString}");
        Console.WriteLine($"Hex Representation: {hexRepresentation}");

        // Decode hex back to string
        string decodedString = HexToString(hexRepresentation);
        Console.WriteLine($"Decoded String: {decodedString}");

    static string StringToHex(string input)
        byte[] bytes = Encoding.UTF8.GetBytes(input);
        return BitConverter.ToString(bytes).Replace("-", "");

    static string HexToString(string hex)
        byte[] bytes = new byte[hex.Length / 2];
        for (int i = 0; i < bytes.Length; i++)
            bytes[i] = Convert.ToByte(hex.Substring(i * 2, 2), 16);
        return Encoding.UTF8.GetString(bytes);


Original String: Hello,!
Hex Representation: 48656C6C6F2C20546563686965486F6F6B2E636F6D21
Decoded String: Hello,!

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