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Updated date May 06, 2024
In this article, we will explore the C# programming on converting streams to strings.

How to Convert Stream to Strings in C#?

A stream in C# is a sequence of bytes, and converting it to a string involves decoding these bytes using a specified character encoding. The StreamReader class, available in the System.IO namespace, is commonly used for reading streams and decoding the byte data into characters.

Let's consider a scenario where we have a text file named "sample.txt" containing some text. Our goal is to read this file as a stream and convert it into a string. 

using System;
using System.IO;
using System.Text;

class StreamToStringConverter
    static void Main()
        // Specify the file path
        string filePath = "sample.txt";

        // Read the stream from the file
        using (FileStream fileStream = new FileStream(filePath, FileMode.Open))
            // Specify the encoding (UTF-8 in this case)
            Encoding encoding = Encoding.UTF8;

            // Create a StreamReader
            using (StreamReader streamReader = new StreamReader(fileStream, encoding))
                // Read the stream and convert it to a string
                string result = streamReader.ReadToEnd();

                // Display the converted string
                Console.WriteLine("Converted String:\n" + result);


Assuming the "sample.txt" file contains the text "Hello, C# Stream Conversion!", the output of the program will be:

Converted String:
Hello, C# Stream Conversion!

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